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      • Why is networking important?

      • Is this going to be a pitch fest?

      • What is the "Connection Model"?

      • What is the value of being a member?

      • What makes this group different?


      Being a member of Dallas REIA is all about education and learning from each other and the experts.  Dallas REIA is dedicated to bringing in only the best national and local educational speakers in order to keep us informed on up-to-date real estate investing innovations, laws and strategies.

      How to MAKE MONEY in Real Estate today and begin growing your legacy.

      How to USE OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY to accumulate a fortune over time.

      How to AVOID THE PITFALLS that typical "landlords" fall into when they don't have the knowledge to profit from opportunities disguised as problems.

      How to FIND THE SECRETS of those that have successfully made their fortunes thru Real Estate Investing.

      How to USE TAX STRATEGIES to amass your wealth.

      How to PROTECT YOUR WEALTH once you attain it.

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      In 2020, COVID-19 wreaked havoc on the American economy, small businesses, and families. Renters and housing providers alike have felt the pinch. While the economy is recovering relatively well, it’s still tough out there for many.


      National REIA provides a monthly update to help real estate investors and tenants alike navigate our current market.

      3rd Friday of Every Month • 4 to 5 pm EST

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